About Me

Hello, my name is Matt King and thanks for stopping by. This site is designed to give a look into my professional life and other projects I pursue as a hobby.

My professional background is working as a mechanical engineer in product development. Creating something from nothing and managing the process to get it to market always brings me much excitement. So, it’s natural I enjoy anything creative from art to making to writing as they all involve making something out of nothing.

One of my biggest passions though, on top of making new stuff, is people. People are what make me tick and delivering happiness is often a motto I live by. I had a professor of a design thinking course in college who always discussed surprise and delight. It’s the idea of where you work to surprise people by doing something for them that brings them happiness when they normally wouldn’t expect it. It’s a thought process and a way of life.

Besides my professional pedigree, I’m a follower of Christ and happily married to my wife Leah. We enjoy hiking, biking, board games, food, and mentoring the next generation.